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The Soulshine Tour featuring Michael Franti & Spearhead, SOJA, Brett Dennen and Trevor Hall
at CrossroadsKC July 8th

YOGA – Check-In: 3pm :: Session: 3:30pm-5:00pm

MUSIC – Doors: 6pm :: Show: 7pm


Advance tickets are GA $35, Bleacher $45 and VIP $77.50 (including all service charges and a $1 donation to the Soulshine sponsored charityReverb).
Special yoga workshops (with Michael Franti & visiting yogis) at 3:00PM. $10 with concert ticket, $24 without.
The event will last a roughly 90 minutes. There will be a 60-minute traditional yoga class with Michael Franti performing a couple songs acoustic on either side of the class. The class will be taught by professional Yogis and Michael will be physically participating with fans.
Tickets will be a few dollars more the day of show.

* This event will be held rain or shine. Tickets are non-refundable.
* You may not bring your own lawn chairs, blankets, etc. (Chairs are NOT provided!)
* No outside food, beverages or coolers.
* Food & drinks will be available for purchase
* No pets allowed.

Michael Franti & Spearhead

Michael Franti & SpearheadIn the mid-Nineties, Franti first formed Spearhead, and increasingly in recent years, he’s found his own voice musically and his own organic brand of popular success. Franti and Spearhead’s last album, 2008’s All Rebel Rockers -- recorded in Jamaica with legendary producers and players Sly & Robbie – became the biggest hit of Franti’s career, hitting the Top 40 on the Billboard 200, and yielded his biggest hit, the Top 20 “Say Hey (I Love You).” “I had a nice, long time to get ready for that first hit, and so I really appreciated it when it happened,” says Franti. “So when we were just mastering the new album, I was saying to my manager, “Boy, wouldn’t it be fun to have a sophomore hit?” He was like, “Sophomore hit? You’ve already been through grad school, man” So yes, I’ve paid some dues, and that’s made getting this far -- and still being here -- mean even more to me. The funny thing is that `Say Hey’ went into the Top Twenty right as I was being wheeled into surgery. I got the text, and I thought, `Wow, I’ve finally got a hit record, and I’m not even going to live to enjoy it.’ That put everything in perspective too.” Michael Franti is not a man to openly chase success – in fact; he’s not a man who even wears shoes(for the last ten years). Still, Franti has absolutely no problem hearing his music on the radio now. “When I was a kid, I used to listen to AM radio on family vacations in the car, and at family barbeques and my dad would leave the radio on. So songs that were the silly pop hits became a really meaningful part of my childhood - and of my adult life now. So when I think of the fact that there’s some family out there on the beach in the summer together listening to `Say Hey,’ it makes me feel really good. The truth is a good pop song that makes you feel good can be something of value and meaning to people.” Arguably the most cohesive, romantic and life-affirming album that Franti and Spearhead have ever made, The Sound Of Sunshinereflects the fact that, as Franti puts it, “With time, you get a better sense who you are and how to put together all your musical passions into your own sound. I feel like for a long time, I dabbled in other sounds. Like `Let’s do something with a reggae vibe here.’ Or `Let’s really rock here.’ But now, I write everything from the acoustic guitar up -- which keeps you honest.  Then Jay Bowman, my songwriting partner and I, take a lot of time figuring out what’s the best way to present this song and make every word of it come across and ring true.” Even the recording process for The Sound Of Sunshine reflects Franti’s desire to communicate directly with his audience. “We started in Jamaica actually recording a bunch of tracks with Sly and Robbie who are, of course, great, and we used some of those tracks. Then we got home and started mixing the record. Then I went to Bali and wrote some more songs, but we still didn’t have it finished. So we said let’s bring a portable studio on the road with us. We’d literally recorded the drums in the locker room of the Toronto Raptors or in the shower of some NHL team. Then we’d go right onstage and play the song and see how other people would react to it. We’d see what worked and go back and record it again the next day. So these songs have really been road tested in front of live bodies.” For Franti, “To play for people and share your songs with them is to make a real connection. That’s why we play outside our shows for those who can’t afford to come inside. They need the songs too – maybe more. That’s the reality. And as a musician I was on tour with put it recently, “Our fans didn’t come to us from a reality show. They came to us from reality.” And so, we mean something in their lives. We’re the music they put on when they drive their little kids to school, or hang out with the person they love at night. There’s no higher honor. So they have an investment in the music. And that means so much because this music is very personal to me too.”



Jacob Hemphill (lead vocals & guitar) met Bobby Lee (bass) in the first grade in Virginia, shortly after Jacob returned from living in Africa with his family. The two instantly became best friends, and in middle school found a common love for hip hop, rock and reggae music. Throughout middle and high school, they met Ryan Berty (drums), Patrick O'Shea (keyboards) and Kenneth Brownell (percussion). Together they formed SOJA. In the formative years the band gigged locally in the DC area while a couple of the guys finished school. All the while making plans to hit the road after graduation...

In 2005 the band hit the road... and they hit the road hard. Often dubbed "road warriors", SOJA has brought their unique sound and stage show to nearly every city in North America, as well as many cities throughout Europe, South America, the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean. While touring in Puerto Rico the band linked up with sax player Hellman Escorcia & trumpet player Rafael Rodriguez. These two exceptional musicians earned their position as SOJA's mainstay horn section by helping further develop the band's eclectic sound.

With no signs of slowing down. SOJA is planning a world tour for 2011/2012 in support of their upcoming album release. It's all about the message in the music for this band. "People think we write music about the earth for the earth's sake, but its not really like that. If we harm the earth, it will reject us. For all we know, its happened one hundred times before. This place gets too hot, that's it. Reset button. That's why I sing what I sing - to pull us all in the same direction, the same future. Without that, were finished (Jacob Hemphill)."

There is no doubt about it. This band is on the forefront of a Revolution with hopes to bring about positive change: environmentally, politically and socially. "Maybe we need to WANT to fix it. Maybe stop talking, maybe start listening. Maybe we need to look at this world less like a square and more like a circle. Maybe just maybe God's not unfair, maybe we're all his kids and he's up there. Maybe he loves us for all our races, maybe he hates us when we're all so racist. Maybe he sees us, when we dont care, that its heaven right here, but its hell over there. Then maybe the meek will inherit this earth, cause it was written before... so..." Everything Changes - SOJA.

Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen (born 1979) is a singer-songwriter out of Oakdale, California. Emerging as one the new millennium folkies alongside Jack Johnson and James Blunt, he has been compared to Bob Dylan, James Taylor, and Paul Simon, all of whom he credits as being significant influences on his musical career. His first album is the self-titled Brett Dennen, which was released in 2004. His second album So much more includes the singles "Ain't no reason" and "The one who loves you the most" as iTunes top downloads in the days following the album's release in November 2006. With his music featured in the hit television show Grey's Anatomy and commercials pitching cable services, millions of people have already heard snippets of Brett's music. With a voice that has could be compared to Billie Holiday's and a unique style emphasizing simplicity, the themes he sings about are as old as Woody Guthrie but with clever ironic phrasing and indelible impressions of prophets begging on sidewalks and old ladies on fire escapes cursing his name. Perhaps his inspiration is visual He credits Paul Simon's Graceland of getting into his head at a young age when his parents played it constantly. He is an admirer of the two "Bob's", Bob Dylan and Bob Marley. He also cites Joni Mitchell's Blue as one of his major influences.

Trevor Hall

Greetings. My name is Trevor. I play music…and love doing it. It has been a wonderful teacher, friend, and companion over the years. This is the part where I tell you a little about my life… so far. I grew up in South Carolina until the age of 16. I had a wonderful childhood, a great family, and good friends. I started playing music fairly young. My dad was a drummer and a musician himself. I guess I got some of his genes. Every day after school, I would come home, pick up my guitar, and write songs for a couple hours. It was my favorite time of the whole day. I began playing for my parents, who supported me to the fullest. For my 15th or 16th birthday, my dad got me some time in his friend's recording studio. I made my first record, which was mostly sold to my friends and family. It was at that time when my family and I started taking the music more seriously.

In 10th grade, I was very fortunate to have traveled to California to attend Idyllwild School for the Arts, an international boarding school east of Los Angeles. My time there was some of the best years of my life. I studied classical guitar and met many wonderful people from around the world who greatly influenced my life in a profound way. My greatest lesson there was observing how art spoke to everyone…no matter what race, what faith, or what country you were from. I saw how it brought people together, and that made me feel good.

In my senior year of high school, I signed a record deal with Geffen Records. After graduation, I moved to LA to give my music full attention. I was very blessed to have worked with great producers such as John Alagia (John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews) and The Laboriel Brothers (Sting, Paul Mccartney). Unfortunately, other than an EP, none of the records I made with Geffen ever came out. They dropped me from the label in 2008. But that didn't deter me. I picked up my guitar, wrote 14 new songs, and recorded an acoustic album with my good friend/percussionist Chris Steele. We have named that album "This is Blue." It was a wonderful, liberating experience. I feel very lucky to still have the opportunity to create music with good friends and people.

Over the years, I have toured and played with wonderful acts such as Steel Pulse, The Wailers, Matisyahu, Stevie Nicks, Ben Harper, Colbie Caillat, Los Lobos, Ziggy Marley, Rusted Root, and many others. It has been such a blessing to cross paths with so many beautiful people and wonderful musicians. They all have influenced me so much.

My favorite part of the whole thing thus far is meeting new people on the road. It is funny how people come together, connect, and establish friendships. I never knew that I would have friends in Peoria, Illinois or Vail, Colorado. Through music, we have all been able to come together, share our ideas and love, and then move on. I cannot express how thankful I am to all the fans who have supported me over the years. I have truly greatly enjoyed meeting all of you. I hope we get to cross paths again soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about my journey. I hope that your travels are going smoothly and unfolding nicely. Until we meet again…

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  • rx4serenity

    Do we need separate tickets for yoga, or is it all included in the one concert ticket price?

  • Elysium

    Will yoga be at the Crossroads venue ??? Thanks

  • Maggie Kortchmar

    ok- somebody please clear up where the yoga is in the crossroads and how we buy tickets to just the yoga…cant’ be that difficult can it?

    • Sean Be

      Its all listed above int eh details now. $24 for yoga without ticket to the evening show, $10 if you do have a ticket to the evening show.


The SoulShine Tour Featuring

Michael Franti & SpearheadSOJABrett DennenTrevor Hall
  • GA $38
  • DOORS AT 6:00 PM
  • SHOW AT 7:00 PM
  • All Ages
  • Lawn chairs and Blankets are
    NOT allowed at tonight's concert.

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