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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

The Noise FM

Brothers Austin and Alex formed The Noise FM in Fort Scott, Kansas, a town of 8,000 in southeast Kansas. Now we live in Chicago, but everyone knows we’re from Kansas because of our accents. Alex sings, plays guitar and keyboard, and does most of the computer stuff. Austin plays drums, sings and writes a lot of the music on bass guitar, but he doesn’t play bass guitar at live shows because he’s better at drums. We found Barry Kidd on Craigslist and put him on bass because of his rad name.

"I would give these guys a big stack of speakers, sit back, and watch them explode..." from KCConfidential.com

"What sets The Noise FM apart from other area rock acts––bands with impressive music chops––is a vocal prowess that leaps out of the speakers, that leaves no corner of a dark rock club untouched..." from Presentmagazine.com

"Whatever it is that The Noise FM is selling, I’m not only alert, but I’m buying..." from Chicagotunes.net

"The Noise FM literally have quite the bounce in their step. The Chicago-via-Lawrence, Kansas indie rockers know that kids these days are all about dancing, and they prove that with their generally move-worthy rhythm section. But The Noise FM aren’t one-trick ponies as their songs are soaked with space rock guitars and well crafted vocal melodies that balance things out. While word is the outfit is working a new record, their 2010 release, Enclave, is a strong effort thanks to cuts like the tweaky guitar powered take, “The Vault,” and the punchy, neo-soul flavored “Time Will Tell...." from LoudLoopPress.com

"Enclave is complex without being complicated and at its core is an album you can move to..." from Reviewsic.com

"Enclave may be accessible and radio-friendly, but it’s also a crisp document of excellent songcraft..." from Pitch.com

"Enclave contains catchy hooks, clean riffs, and easy-to-digest vocal and lyrical content, all accessible to a casual, mainstream listener. But rather than simply appealing to a mass audience, the group’s incorporation of different musical elements adds much more to the mix..." from InkKC.com

"The six songs of former Kansans/now Chicagoans The Noise FM’s Enclave carom between sounding like a more restrained, much less proggy Muse and less glam, toned-down Killers – which is a good thing to these ears...." from Illinois Entertainer

"The Noise FM is one of Lawrence's standout acts, playing a tight-as-hell brand of riff-heavy rock that recalls acts like Muse and Placebo..." from Lawrence.com

"Dream Of The Attack...rivaling anything released by The Bravery or The Killers..." from KC Ink

"Though informed by the FM radio euphemisms classic rock and modern rock, the Noise FM strives for a considerably more intelligent sound. The Lawrence trio does, however, maintain rock radio’s polished accessibility. Tight and technically proficient, the Noise’s music is often aggressive but always closely calibrated, with equal attention paid to searing melodies and killer riffs..." from Pitch.com

"The Noise FM is a polished trio that moved to Lawrence last year after spending their teenage years in Fort Scott, KS. The group's melodic, kick-ass rock tunes take inspiration from top-shelf woodshedders like Muse and Queens of the Stone Age..." from Lawrence.com

"These new kids on the scene play an emotive indie-pop informed by the likes of Placebo, Muse and David Bowie..." from Therecordbar.com.

"The Lawrence, Kansas trio...make rock noise that’s interesting, muscular, and unapologetic for its proficiency at laying down a groove..." from Presentmagazine.com

"The Noise FM’s lyrics brought to mind Kings of Leon, which is never a bad thing in my book. 'No End' was of particular note, with the repeating, 'Why don’t you tell me that you want somebody? That you want somebody.' There aren’t too many bands that manage to catch my attention lyrically when live, so kudos to these guys for being a standout..." from Popwreckoning.com

Various Blonde


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  • DOORS AT 5:30 PM
  • SHOW AT 6:00 PM
  • All Ages
  • Lawn chairs and Blankets are
    NOT allowed at tonight's concert.

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