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An Interview with Bassh Ahead of Middle of the Map Fest 2016.

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Bassh (Image via Maria Gonzales)

Bassh is a Nashville-based indie rock band featuring Jimmy Brown and CJ Hardee. Guitarist and vocalist Brown recently discussed how Bassh came together, their songwriting approach and what he’s looking forward to about Middle of the Map Fest 2016. Bassh is playing CrossroadsKC May 7th as a part of Middle of the Map Fest 2016.

Were your parents musical? What was your earliest musical memory?
They were both musical, my dad was a tour manager and my mum was a singer and pianist. My first musical memory was listening to “Radio Ga Ga” on the way to the south of Ireland on a family Holiday.

How did Bassh first get started?
It happened very fast and I think it came out of the songs CJ and I
had been writing. We knew we needed to record them and go out and play them live, which lead to Bassh being born.

What is your creative approach when making tracks? Do you start with melody or lyrics first?
I don’t have a formula, but I do like singing to a beat and a bass
line. Recently, I’ve been starting there to see where that takes me.

What inspires you lyrically?
I like words that are accurate to the theme. I don’t mean obvious, but more so from an emotional accuracy. Sometimes that can be conveyed better by hinting at the theme rather than just saying how it is.

How did the song “Body” come together?
I remember singing the verse really quietly to not wake my wife up and the words came out at the same time. CJ came over and wrote the 2nd verse in about 15 minutes and we both felt good about it and we didn’t change anything. The chorus came out of nowhere and we just rolled with it because we knew instinctively that it was meant to be.

Bassh photo

Bassh (Image via Bassh).

You recorded the Bassh sessions at Fleetwood Shack studio. What did you enjoy most about recording the album?
It was a wild experience, the studio is set among a lot of trees so
it felt like we were in a treehouse and we just let loose and had fun
the whole time. It was by far the most enjoyable recording I’ve been
part of to date.

Who are some of your favorite bands in Nashville right now?
My favorite bands in Nashville right now are Repeat Repeat & ELEL.

You are playing at CrossroadsKC for Middle of the Map 2016. What are you looking forward to most about Middle of the Map Fest?
The lineup looks incredible! I am really looking forward to catching
Cold War Kids and obviously were excited to be playing at CroosroadsKC. We’ve heard great things about that spot.

What have been the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome in your career?
The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome is myself. I sometimes
overthink things and only recently realized that simple is best.

What’s your favorite quote or motto that you live by?
I really like Elvis TCB, “Taking care of business.”

What advice would you give to musicians just starting out?
Work really hard on your songs since at the end of the day that’s
what’s going to propel your career. Those are the songs you’re
going to have to play every night on the road. so you better be sure
they’re the best.

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