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Getter: The CrossroadsKC Interview

Getter (Image via http://www.theuntz.com)

Getter (Image via http://www.theuntz.com)

Getter is a California-based DJ and producer. He recently discussed his approach to creating tracks and his favorite producers. Getter plays CrossroadsKC April 30th as a part of Something Magic, which also features Paper Diamond and Hippie Sabotage.

What was the first record you bought?
I think my first record was Dude Ranch by blink-182.

What was your first concert?
My first concert was an “All That Music and More” festival. some Nickelodeon thing.

Did you start DJing or producing first?
I started DJing before I produced. I just made mashups and learned to beat match.

Who are some of your favorite producers and why?
I’d have to say Flume and $lick (from $uicideboy$). Flume is insanely original and his music is perfectly tuned to fit certain moods. $lick is a hip hop producer and he’s seriously making the best beats right now, like jaw-dropping beats.

What is your creative approach for making tracks?
there’s no specific approach. I just write down whatever is in my brain at the time.

What was the first track recorded for the Radical Dude EP?
Rip N Dip was the first track for the EP!

Getter (Image via http://www.billboard.com)

Getter (Image via http://www.billboard.com)

What vocalists would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?
Definitely Kai.

How do you approach a remix to make it your own?
I don’t know. I can only do remixes when I hear something in the original that i can fuck with.

Do you have a quote or motto that you live by?
“Pour these hoes some game and serve this pimpin’ as a chaser.”
-Mac Dre.

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