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EN20110707_0002About Bleacher tickets:

Would you rather sit down during a concert?
Then Bleachers are perfect for you!

Think of them as GA tickets with added access to the Bleachers. You can sit at the Bleachers for as long as you want, or mingle in GA too.

We don’t oversell the bleachers, and you’re guaranteed a seat at all times.

Convenience and Comfort:BYO Stadium Seating

Bleachers are not assigned, just help yourself to a seat.

Two sets of bleachers are located on opposite sides of stage. Since you seat yourself, you can choose either side.

Only Bleacher ticket holders can sit on the Bleachers.

Bring your own Cushion or “Seat Back” for extra comfort! Bleacher cushions are always allowed, and some examples are pictured to the left.

*Sorry, We do not provide or rent any bleacher cushions*


Venue Map

CrossroadsKC Venue Map


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