417 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108
Monday - Friday 11am-4pm - (785)749-3434

About Us

CrossroadsKC was born in 2007 out of a deep passion for live music and the arts.  Located in the Crossroads art district, just few blocks south of downtown Kansas City, the outdoor music venue annually features a very diverse array of musical groups, from rock to reggae and bluegrass to hip hop.

2014 will mark the eighth season for CrossroadsKC.   Each season the venue hosts approximately 30-40 shows all which will take place under the spectacular skylines and starry skies of Kansas City.  CrossroadsKC  evolved from a very a simple purpose- to provide the very best live music experience in a festive and enjoyable outdoor environment.  We are devoted to make the artist and fan experience not only superior but memorable.

Pipeline Productions has a 30 year track record of putting the fan first.   Free parking, quality and affordable beverages, cheap service charges (ie no Ticketmaster), multi tier ticket pricing and multiple VIP options at every show are some of the many things that make Pipeline events different and fan friendly.  CrossroadsKC has been voted BEST LIVE MUSIC VENUE in KC by several publications.  CrossroadsKC is available to host private events and private parties.

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Questions? Please contact us at info@pipelineticketing.com or call Pipeline Ticketing at (785) 749-3434, 11am-4pm central time, Monday-Friday.

Want to rent CrossroadsKC? To rent the venue for your private party or corporate event, please contact us at events@crossroadskc.com