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Monday - Friday 11am-4pm - (785)749-3434

Many of our patrons have fallen victim to predatory third party ticket operations.
CrossroadsKC NEVER gives our ticketing inventory to any third party ticket broker.
Buying from any ticket platform not directly linked to www.crossroadskc.com
is extremely dangerous and is not advised. Please be aware that these predatory brokers are re-selling our tickets without permission
and do so generally at a much greater cost to you than tickets available at our site.
Always visit our website www.crossroadskc.com - It is the only official on line ticketing site for CrossroadsKC events.
We are unable to assist patrons with ticketing issues if they have not purchased them from our ticketing platform at www.crossroadskc.com.
We very much value your patronage and we try very hard to make sure you have an enjoyable and positive experience while purchasing your tickets and while attending the great events at CrossroadsKC.
Don’t let third party ticket brokers ruin your day or rip you off.

2020 Event Calendar (Coming Soon!)